In 2017 we celebrate our 25 aniversary

Precimecan is just 25 years old.

It was created on 23rd January 1992 coming from the society Itema Tecnoindustrial which was founded in the year 1962. Its scope, reliance and powering into an independent enterprise the subcontracting in the machining field.
Twenty-five years not lacking difficulties but have concluded Precimecan as good referent in the machining industry, exporting the 80% of invoicing.

Our best thanks to all of our customers, who have given Precimecan their confidence, to all of our suppliers because without their support we could not offer our services, and, of course, to all our employees because with their effort and initiative they have allowed us to overcome the difficulties and arrive up to where we are.
We have a long way ahead to run and improve more and more. The quality and service will go on being our main identity look during the next 25 years.